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Partnering with Glenn
 Partnering Opportunities with Glenn

NASA Glenn promotes partnerships between industry, academia, and other government agencies to work cooperatively with its researchers to develop products based on Glenn technology and/or to solve NASA technological needs. Partnerships are available in the following sectors:


Glenn research in energy and power focuses on developing more efficient ways to generate, store, distribute, and manage electrical power in aerospace vehicles and habitats. This work includes batteries, dynamic power/thermal management of power systems, flywheels, fuel cells, power systems integration and management, and solar power including photovoltaics and concentrated solar power.


GRC’s propulsion research focuses on making aerospace systems more efficient and better performing. Specific focus has been on air-breathing, space launch, and thrust technologies. These areas include: alternative/green fuel, chemical propulsion, combustion and emissions, cryofluid storage and management, electric propulsion, propulsion/airframe integration, propulsion and acoustics, and turbomachinery.


Engineers at Glenn are constantly developing new and improved communications devices, components, and networking. Focus has been on antennas, customized networking and SDR, Internet protocols and standards, microwave and wireless components and circuits, and non-Radio Frequency communications.

Engineering and Integration

Glenn engineers define, implement, and integrate technological developments into NASA's systems and operations. Focus at Glenn has been on power systems. 

Materials and Science

GRC’s materials research focuses on making aerospace systems more efficient and better performing. There has been particular focus on materials for high-temperature/harsh environments. GRC's research in recent years has focused on ceramic matrix composites, functional and multifunctional materials, high-temperature alloys, materials for power and energy storage, polymers and nanocomposites, shape memory alloys, and thermal/environmental barrier coatings.

Defense and Intelligence

Technology development at Glenn continues to play an important role in this country's military presence. From coatings that extend the life of structures and machinery to communications and power systems, Glenn technologies are helping military efforts by creating higher performing and more efficient systems.

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