Kolon CPI™ with agnw


Resistivity and Optical Properties

  • MD/TD resistivity uniformity
  • Low Hz and b*

Patterning and Paste

  • Etching Capabilities (wet/dry)
  • Compatible with dry film photoresists (DFR), laser, Ag paste etc.

Stability and Reliability

  • Low change of properties at high temperature and humidity level
  • High dimensional stability

An All-In-One, Unique Substrate

  • Integrates transparent conductive films (TCFs) with CPI™ HC Cover Window

General Characteristics

Unit AgNW Method
Surface Resistivity Ω/■ 60 60 Resistivity Instrument (Contact Method)
RS Uniformity % 6 7
TT % 91.7 90.8 Hazemeter (Light Source : D65)
Haze % 0.7 0.6
YI 2.3 2.1 Spectrophotometer
*b 1.6 1.7

Process Properties


Excellent flexibility compared to indium tin oxide (ITO) and PET

UV Stability

No resistivity change after UV exposure


Patterning capabilities support both wet and dry processes

Wet Etching (L/S=30/30)

Laser Etching (L/S=20/20)

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This technology (KL-0001) is owned by Kolon Industries, Inc. with intellectual property management and marketing support from Fuentek, LLC.